Here at ASOROCK Watches, a name influenced by the breath-taking mountains in Central Nigeria, our love and affection for watches created a desire in us to make a positive long-lasting impact on the African continent, representing her in the luxury watch market of the world by being the first global luxury watch brand out of Africa.

 Founded in 2018 by young entrepreneurs and watch enthusiasts Ben Iroala (Nigerian American), and Andrew Mutale (Zambian American), we sought to cut out the high retail markup of popular name brands.

Being avid watch enthusiasts ourselves, who have been obsessed with watches our entire life, we were fed up with our limited choices due to the inflated high mark up prices of popular name brands. It also didn't help that we always felt like our collection was never complete (a problem all true watch enthusiasts can relate to).

It bothered us even more that we didn't have a single watch from an African source where we have our roots. All these led to the creation of the ASOROCK range of watches.


Social Entrepreneurship has been at the core of Asorock Watches operations from inception. 

Asorock aims at leveraging business to provide aid to those in need a mission statement to “manufacture premium quality watches as leverage to build free libraries in rural areas across the African continent”

Because, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”
― Henry Ford

To help achieve this goal, we partnered with BOOKSFORAFRICA; An organization that is specialized in supplying and delivering books of all kinds to unfortunate kids across villages in Africa. The organization assists us in accomplishing a significant part of our social responsibility duties. 

In the near future, we plan to layout our ultimate goal by having the foundation of our first Youth Complex in a village in Nigeria started. When completed, the Complex will have a library fitted with computers equipped with Wi-Fi and free learning software and sports amenities (such as a basketball court) for the youngsters to discover their talents.

(All names of those that have ordered an Asorock watch will be engraved on a "Thank You" Pillar in the library complex.)

We believe it is our sole responsibility to help play a part into the restoration of the African economy. We plan for the youth center to be a place where kids come to learn, interact, share ideas and explore their hidden talents.

The ultimate goal of building the library and youth center is to maximize youth development and close the gap of the unemployed youths of the nation. That's why Asorock Watches is truly more than just another watch company.

To top it all off, we have made it our mission to donate to an essential charity every month that stands for a cause we believe in. You can see our track record in the link below to see who we have donated to in the past.



we believe that food aid and clothing aid are temporary but knowledge is forever. Just like the old adage goes "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime"

Not only do you get an exquisitely crafted watch at an unbeatable price, but you also improve the life of an african child and, your name along with everyone else that orders a watch will be engraved on a thank you wall in the library complex!

To be a part of this movement in improving the lives of youths in the Africa grassroots please contact below.


Benjamin c. Iroala


Born in Nigeria and raised in different corners of the world, Ben settled in Chicago where he would attain a bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Having started his first business at the age of 12, he went on to become a seasoned E-commerce entrepreneur. To this day he has launched and sold 5+ e-commerce sites and founded a waste management startup in Nigeria. Eventually he wanted to combine his two passions, watches, and philanthropy - which led to the creation of Asorock Watches

Andrew M. Mutale


Born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Andrew relocated to America as a teenager in pursuit of the American dream. He Completed his bachelor’s Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Went on to become a certified public accountant after launching an accounting career with Deloitte whilst also playing an entrepreneurial role. A passion for business and to make an impact in the world is the driving force behind being co-founder of Asorock.


To offer you fairly-priced, premium watches at unbeatable prices, ASOROCK took the direct-to-consumer approach. (D2C)

Our pieces are crafted from the same top-quality components as other premium watch brands. But we’re obsessed with keeping our supply, distribution, and advertising costs to a bare minimum. This allows us to pass far greater savings on to you.

And the quality of our watches is guaranteed — your ASOROCK timepiece is protected by an industry-leading 2 year international warranty. Wherever you are and whatever your problem, we’ll make it right.

We could continue congratulating ourselves for our wonderful work, but we’d prefer you to experience the Asorock difference yourself. Our premium-quality watches are waiting to be discovered.

We're bringing transparency to modern watchmaking.

By pulling back the curtains, we're aiming to do away with industry short-cuts and cheap solutions. This commitment doesn't make us the biggest, nor does it make us the fastest growing company, quite the contrary.

But we believe that qualities like honesty and altruism are desperately needed these days, and that is a foundation worth building a company on.

We use the same materials and manufacturing standards as other premium watch brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price.

Some call it stupid, we call it fair :)


When designing our watches, we did not hold back on quality. We made sure of 5 prospects that differentiate us:

  • Limited release: Our watches are made with scrupulous attention to detail and every asorock watch is hand crafted for perfection and very time intensive, thus we release in limited pieces.
  • High-grade Materials: All of our watches are made with the finest quality of materials including 316L stainless steel, Genuine sapphire crystal (scratch proof), 5ATM water resistant. Our watches are built to last.
  • 2 year limited warranty: If at anytime you run into a problem with your Asorock timepiece, we will fix it for you!
  • Competitive pricing: We offer our watches at a price less than half of what our competitors charge for watches of the same category.
  • Social benefit: Purchase of any Asorock watch does more than just get you compliments. It also goes toward helping create a better foundation for the youths in Africa.

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